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13 Things Only Fans From Chicago Would Know


< --- Prev 1 of 5 Next --- > #13. We say the names correctly, if you’re still saying Alshon Jefferies – go think about your life. #12. The most popular player in Chicago is always the back-up QB, the 6th man on the Bulls, the kid in Rockford that Q won’t call up and that […]

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Here's a good way to catch up on some of the action if you haven't been following. ENJOY! and see you at 2:00pm for the final!

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WATCH: 167 World Cup goals to date


Relive all 167 goals of the 2014 World Cup thus far, with the final between Germany and Argentina awaiting.

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Today's the day ....2:00pm - Argentina versus Germany, who will prevail, who will lift the trophy and be the best team in the world... Join Us for the Game - Win the raffle

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Wool Street Grill
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Today Saturday, July 12th - 3pm
Who's it Going to be? .... Brazil?.... or .... Netherlands??
Come on in and cheer on your team!

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Barrington Courier-Review
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Top bars in Barrington, according to Yelp


The top bars in Barrington include McGonigal's Pub, Wool Street Grill & Sports Bar, Blue Heron Cafe & Bar, Yankee Doodle Inn and The Annex.

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Argentina vs Netherlands -
today @ 3:00pm Come support your team with us...

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Wool Street Grill
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11:00am kick off! Come Join Us!

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Wool Street Grill
July 1, 2014 at 1:46 PM

So Argentina moves on!! Go USA ! Today at 3pm
US v Belgium

Wool Street Grill
June 29, 2014 at 12:21 PM

Todays Matches
Netherlands v Mexico 11:00am
Greece v Costa Rica 3:00pm

Wool Street Grill
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World Cup action resumes tomorrow! Here is what we are watching...
BRAZIL v CHILE 11:00am

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craft1 work banquet




    Buffalo Wings
    each just $.65
    boneless $.40
    Choose 10, 20 or 30 wings

    "Buckets and Wings"
    $12 Mix and Match Leinenkugel Buckets (Red, Honey Weiss and Hoppin' Helles)

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